Everyone who’s into woodworking probably wants to get better. Well, who doesn’t want to improve anyway? If you wish to be better, using a random orbital sander for your woodworking projects will make every single project appear way more beautiful than ever.

For beginner woodworkers, a random orbital sander is a prep sander that’s more powerful than other sanders. It’s the best option if you have to remove layers after layers of rough material.

So how can it make you a better woodworker?




For one, by allowing you to manipulate it. Random orbital sanders offer more control compared to sheet sanders because they have variable speed motors. That means the speed can be adjusted depending on how fast you want the sanding process to be. You can even change sandpapers easily and apply less pressure if you want.

A Random orbital sander doesn’t leave swirl marks on your material too. That’s because it uses circular pieces of sandpaper which are attached to a sanding disc with a Velcro. The disc moves in a random motion (hence, the name), where it elliptically spins and orbits simultaneously. And when there are no sanding marks or swirls, the wooden material will end up smooth and more pleasing to your eyes.

They could have higher price tags attached to them than other types of sanders, but they’re better at smoothening out materials. The price is worth it because they can work with various materials and perform way better.


Random orbital sanders can also get rid of old material with ease. With one, you can remove an old stain, paint, varnish, and so on. It’s just one of its versatile powers.

Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier, these sanders have discs. Because of their hook and loop discs which makes switching so comfortable, you won’t have trouble with changing grits.

Health Advantage

Black-Decker-BDERO100There’s even a health benefit when you use a random orbital sander! It decreases hand fatigue, which is a huge advantage when you’re working on large woodworking projects.


Seriously speaking, this sander is excellent in every angle. It can collect dust better; it’s powerful, versatile, and less likely to leave noticeable swirl marks. There’s nothing more you could ask for in a sander.


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