Sounds weird? It’s strange yet true! Being a devoted pool professional can help you with your fitness goals. Here’s how:

You work with different types of pool cleaners

pool-cleaner-hosePool vacuums, skimmers, brushes, you name it. A pool expert can use it to clean pools like they were never dirty in the first place. As a professional, you’ll be trained to use suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, robotic cleaners, and other machines to maintain pools. These devices can be light or heavy, but transporting them now and then can build muscles. Believe it! Apart from the pool cleaners you have to carry around with you; you might even have to work with large pumps. Imagine how muscular you’ll be after working with these heavy machines!

More info: suction vs. pressure vs. robotic cleaners. What to choose?

You can walk with your equipment

Let’s just say that it’s a walking distance from your pool company to the house where you need to perform some pool servicing. Choosing to walk while taking your pool equipment with you is an excellent way to train your legs to be better. It would be like a leg day in the gym. If you don’t like walking, then use a bicycle! Cycling can be a better option especially if you don’t have a lot of stuff to take with you to the pool that needs inspection. If you were only asked to see if there’s an issue in a pool, then you might as well bring nothing but your uniform and your bike. Cycling and walking can strengthen your heart and immune system; they can even improve your respiratory system.

You walk around pools a lot


Speaking of walking, examining large pools and maintaining them is also an excellent workout for you. Looking for a crack or a damaged part might seem only to be a mental exercise, but as you walk around you lose unwanted calories in your body, and before you know it, analyzing pools has now become your usual cardio workout. You may amble around looking like you’re relaxed, but if the pool you’re scrutinizing is long and wide, you’ll still sweat. It may not be the most favored method to lose fats, but trust me; being a pool expert can help you improve yourself by being physically fit.

Your work demands a lot from you

Pool_Maintenance_One_Eaton_SquareLastly, being a pool professional can help you stay fit by urging you to review your lifestyle. You wouldn’t desire to miss out on a chance to earn money and help out those in need, would you? Since you know your work requires you to stay physically and mentally fit, you’ll be able to choose healthy food options to keep you active and healthy. After all, fainting (due to insufficient energy in your body) in front of a client is a no-no.