Self Improvement

10 Self-Improvement Apps to Help You Achieve Your Best Self

7 Minute Workout
Highlights: Fitness app, exercises for anywhere at any time, making the most of short workouts


Bloom* (iOS)
Highlights: An app that helps you focus on the most important things in life, inspirations


Highlights: An app built on the concept of paying a fine every time you miss a workout


Luminosity Mobile (iOS, Android
Highlights: Brain games that help in improving attention and memory


Highlights: Personal development web app


Office Yoga (iOS, Android)
Highlights: Stress relief and keeping fit app, staying fit at the workplace


Highlights: Mind-mapping app, useful for organizing ideas and thoughts


The Habit Factor (iOS, Android)
Highlights: Goal and habit tracking


Vision Board
Highlights: Visualization tool, inspiration and motivation


Highlights: Keeping track of plans, objectives, and progress; status reports